The Best Solution for Zero-Speed Stability

DMS Anti Rolling Gyro (ARG) meets the high quality that is central to the DMS proposition: to guarantee the best of the best in terms of stabilisation to ensure that everyone’s stay on board is as carefree, comfortable and safe as possible with the risk of seasickness kept to a minimum. That’s how we continue to fulfill our promise: “Ahead in stabilisation.” 

In the early years of ARG, the original developers of the technology (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries) were involved in attitude control, this is used to control the orientation of artificial satellites. For this application they developed an exceptionally responsive and dependable passive gyroscopic system. They learned that the more complicated a gyro system becomes, the more likely it is to cause problems and fail prematurely.

They rejected the pumps and lines associated with water cooling and hydraulic systems and did away with complicated computer & hydraulic ram controls that caused problems. They kept what works and that is what you get with the latest ARG stabilisation systems, manufactured by Tohmei and represented here by DMS. 

What is Gyro Stabilisation?

A Gyroscope is basically a heavy cylindrical weight or 'flywheel' spinning about an axis at high speed and supported by a framework called a 'Gimbal'.  Gyroscopic stabilisation on a boat typically operates by constraining or restricting the gyroscope’s roll axis (port and starboard roll) and allowing it to “precess” (swing backward and forward) either in the pitch or the yaw axes. Allowing it to ‘precess’ as the vessel rolls causes its spinning flywheel to generate a counteracting roll stabilising moment to that generated by the waves on the vessels hull.

Its ability to do this effectively is dependent on a range of factors that include its size, weight and angular momentum. It is also affected by the vessels‘ natural roll period. Unlike hydrodynamic roll stabilising fins, gyroscopic stabilisation can only produce a limited roll stabilising moment that may be exceeded as the wave height increases, it is not unusual for the gyro manufacturer to recommend that the unit not be used at sea in very large wave conditions.

Because a gyro’s roll stabilising torque is created by the rolling motion itself, there is absolutely no time delay, or lag, between the wave-induced rolling motion and the stabilising torque produced by a natural precession gyro stabiliser. The result is an amazingly smooth application of the massive stabilising torques produced.

Key features of ARG Gyro

  • Reliable, Uncomplicated AIR COOLING
  • No Complicated Hydraulics, No Vacuum
  • No Through-Hull Fittings
  • No Need for Anodes, No Electrolysis Problems
  • Ultra-Life Bearings
  • Larger Gimbal Angle (180%)
  • Ultra-Simple Operation
  • Exceptionally Low Maintenance Requirement
  • No Need to Remove for Servicing
  • Extra Long Service Intervals
  • 5 Model Range  

View Online or Download our ARG Gyro Brochure

The ARG Gyro Brochure is ideal if you are considering adding gyro stabilisation to your yacht.  It is available as an online e-brochure from where it can also be downloaded as a handy PDF. Simply click  the link below and you will be directed straight to the brochure. 


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