Maximum Stabilisation for High Speed Yachts - At All Speeds

DMS All-In-One is currently in the final stages of development with DMS Holland adding the finishing touches to this innovative fin stabilisation system. Utilising existing DMS dual-axis fin technology and knowledge, this unique and patented system offers a complete solution for High Speed Motor Yachts providing stabilisation at Zero Speed, Cruising Speed and High Speed.

It is currently being thoroughly tested by DMS Holland’s development team for performance, safety, user-friendliness, versatility and durability to ensure that when it enters production it will maintain the exceptionally high standards expected of all DMS products.

When the DMS All-In-One System comes to market, it will represent a long awaited Game Changer for the owners of high performance semi-displacement and fully planing high speed motor yachts. Another First for DMS Holland.

The Functions of DMS All-In-One Stabilisation


At CRUISING SPEED the DMS All-In-One fins rotate just as with traditional fins but, with a high aspect ratio fin shape and by using advanced stabilisation algorithms, the result is less drag resistance and considerably improved stabilisation performance.


The revolutionary DMS-All-In One system has added stabilisation at HIGH SPEED. In this mode the fins are fully folded behind the yacht’s transom from where they can trim the yacht longitudinaly as well as damping any rolling and swaying motion.


To complete the package, DMS All-In-One also provides stabilisation at ANCHOR or at ZERO SPEED. In this mode the high aspect ratio fins make a flapping motion to control the rolling motion and make life onboard a whole lot more comfortable.  

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