Advanced Operating System for Yachts with Existing Fin Stabilisers

DMS Universal: It is often the case that the control or operating system for a yacht’s existing fin stabilisers is no longer functioning properly due to malfunction, age or simply because replacements parts are no longer available. When the fins themselves and the mechanical & hydraulic parts still all work well, with years of potential operation still left in them, it is a shame to have to opt for a completely new & expensive roll damping system.

A solution now exists to replace just the defective control system by installing DMS Universal. This is a modern digital control system developed by DMS Holland featuring the latest technology such as CAN bus communication, colour touch screen and an electronic multi-term controller equipped with ingenious stabilisation algorithms. In many cases this is not just a simple replacement but a major upgrade and improvement to the operation and functionality of the entire system. An environmentally and economically sound solution.

DMS Universal Installation

Key Features

  • Modern Technology
  • Industry Standard Parts
  • Sunlight Readable Full Colour 5” Touchscreen
  • Keeps Existing Mechanical & Hydraulic Hardware
  • Features Ingenious Stabilising Algorithms
  • Robust CAN Bus Technology
  • Integration with NMEA0183 and/or NMEA2000
  • Optional Soft Zero Speed Function

Key Features

  • Contactless & Wear-Free Fin Position Feedback
  • Modern On-Board Electronics & Hydraulic Valves
  • Available for 2 or 4 Fin Installations
  • Full Integration with Power Pack and/or PTO’s
  • Integration with Ship’s Alarms & Navigation
  • Can Integrate with Existing Hydraulic Sensors
  • Robust, Reliable and Non-Intrusive Installation
  • Environmentally & Economically Sound Option

The Engineers View of DMS Universal

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