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The DMS News & Library area of our website hosts a collection of photographs, videos, articles and other items of interest relating to the range of stabiliser products manufactured and marketed by DMS Holland and represented by us here in the United Kingdom.

The Collection will be updated regularly as new material becomes available. Much of the material, especially some of the videos, come from the DMS Head Office in Holland so please forgive us if they are not in your home language.

We hope you find the collection interesting, it's designed to give potential customers a good insight into our products, philosophy of business and our absolute passion for working in marine stabilisation. SCROLL DOWN TO VIEW

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Cape Horn 58 with DMS MagnusMaster

The brilliant team from DMS Holland recently completed the installation of a Twin Rotor DMS MagnusMaster system on a beautiful Cape Horn 58 Trawler with steel hull based in San Diego, USA.

The owner spent a long time researching stabilsation and chose DMS MagnusMaster for it's superior performance at lower speeds, all-electric operation and compact size for installation.

The owner had a very specific set of requirements for stabilisation on his yacht as he explains personally in great detail. This video which was made shortly after commissioning and sea trials in the area around San Diego. See and judge the result for yourself. 

MagnusMaster in the South West Pacific Ocean

MV Astra was designed and built for deep sea rescue operations in the harsh conditions of Sweden and extreme Northern Europe.

She is currently on a 'Reverse' Southern Capes Circumnavigation (which includes Cape Horn and the Cape of Good Hope). The owner/captain recently sent us this incredible video of DMS MagnusMaster in operation in the South West Pacific Ocean.

MV Astra is of exceptional steel construction built with the highest icebreaker rating for extreme operations and is equipped with a four rotor MagnusMaster stabilisation system. This is one seriously tough vessel currently undergoing a seriously tough challenge.

Seawork 2022 - DMS Will be Exhibiting

'Seawork' is the largest exhibition in the UK dedicated to commercial vessel operation, this year DMS will be showcasing their complete range of stabilisation products at Seawork 2022 in Southampton, UK.

When you are operating in a harsh commercial environment, often 24/7, the safety and comfort of your crew, workforce and passengers is of vital importance and reliable vessel stabilisation plays a major part in achieving this.

Robust, reliable and trusted design and engineering makes all DMS stabilisation products ideally suited to commercial applications no matter what the operating conditions may throw at you.

It's why DMS is Ahead In Stabilisation.

MV Astra Circumnavigation with MagnusMaster

"We were asked to capture some footage of ASTRA’s MagnusMaster stabilisers in action and this footage was captured earlier this week as we left the Furious Fifties after rounding Cape Horn.

These stabilisers worked magnificently in the 45-55 knot winds that we had last week and we did turn through 180° in those sea conditions, with seas of 5.8m (20ft) on six different occasions across three very stormy days with every confidence in DMS’s equipment. (Though I have to admit I wasn’t brave enough to switch them off in those sea conditions!)" Iain Macneil - Owner/Captain MV Astra.

DMS Sales UK Now Represent ARG Gyros

DMS Sales UK are now appointed distributors for ARG (Anti Rolling Gyro) in the UK & Ireland.

Gyro stabilisation is widely recognised as the best option for roll reduction at zero speed and when anchored. With almost three decades of experience in marine gyro applications, ARG offers a simple, robust, reliable and well-proven solution.

Watch our video to see ARG in action for yourself.

Fleming 53 - A first for DMS MagnusMaster

In October of 2020 DMS Sales UK fitted a Single Rotor MagnusMaster stabilisation system to an Elling E4, little did we know that one year later the owners would be back with a new boat.

Like many serious cruising folk before them, the call for more space and a deck level saloon dictated a trawler yacht design and what better than one from Fleming Motor Yachts.

In conjunction with our brilliant installation team at Yachting Sports UK in Hamble Point Marina, these owners are now embarking on a major refit and guess what, a Twin Rotor MagnusMaster System.

Fantastic Boat, Great Owners and Brilliant Low Speed Stabilisers. 

DMS Sales UK  - Southampton Boatshow 2021

As a first for DMS Sales UK, we exhibited at Southampton Boatshow from the 10th-19th September 2021.

The DMS product range had not been exhibited in the UK before but with fantastic support from DMS Holland, we were able to show an actual MagnusMaster working on the stand, DMS Universal and display models for DMS Antiroll and the Brand New DMS All-In-One.

Many thanks to Patrick Noor (DMS Director) for staying with us all work and demonstrating his all encompassing knowledge of everything to do with stabilisers. A Huge Thank You to all our visitors.

Next years stand for 2022 is already booked - See you there?

MagnusMaster - MV Monara World Tour

In July 2021 MV Monara departed on a trip around the world.

Before leaving on passage, the owners decided it was vital they significantly improve their roll reduction capability to make life onboard safer and more comfortable. After removing the existing small fins from the steel hull, a twin MagnusMaster all-electric rotor system was fitted. 

See the results for yourself whilst enjoying this beautiful video, we certainly did.


DMS Universal - The Engineers View

Through years of experience working in marine stabilisation, the director of design and development at DMS, Arnold van Aken, realised he was hearing of more and more aged stabiliser systems failing in service. This was often not due to mechanical problems but old and outdated electronics suffering the ravages of time.

DMS Universal was designed to overcome this problem by replacing the electronic controls, implementing state of the art algorithms and adding not only a touch screen monitor but also 'Soft Zero Speed. All this whilst keeping the otherwise fully functioning mechanical systems. A genuine 'Win Win' for both the owners and the engineers.


DMS Company Video

The DMS Company Video highlights the passion we have in working with marine stabilisation. Whenever we go afloat it is inevitable that there will be some motion, that's half the enjoyment, however, sometimes that motion needs to be controlled if it becomes uncomfortable or indeed unsafe.

That's where we come in, the DMS range of stabilisation products endeavours to control that motion to make your time afloat more enjoyable and safer all round. 


MagnusMaster Video - Elling E4

This video was taken onboard a lovely Elling E4 in rough weather off Scheveningen, Holland in September 2020.

Both the Elling E3 and Elling E4 have a single rotor MagnusMaster stabiliser in an exceptionally compact installation under the galley Sink on the port side. The system automatically retracts at 12 knots which is ideal for cruising the Elling.

The difference between ON & OFF is quite clear we think!


MagnusMaster Video - Linssen

This demonstation video shows the MagnusMaster stabiliser system in action on a Linssen Yacht in rough weather off the Dutch coast.

Wind conditions were force 7 gusting force 8 in November 2020.

The MagnusMaster stabiliser is the system of choice for Linssen yachts both from a new build and retrofit perspective. Linseen build exceptionally high quality displacement cruising yachts and the DMS MagnusMaster is the perfect solution for onboard stabilisation.