Roll Damping & Stabilisation for Low Speed Cruising Superyachts

DMS AntiRoll: To satisfy the requirement of Superyacht owners & operators for the highest levels in roll damping and stabilisation, DMS Holland have developed the innovative DMS AntiRoll System. It is designed specifically to provide stabilisation both underway and at rest for low speed cruising yachts over 30m in length.

Getting its’ inspiration from nature and the fins of the blue whale, DMS Antiroll utilises Dual-Axis Fins which rotate for maximum roll damping when underway and make a flapping motion when the yacht is stationary to provide stabilisation at Zero-Speed. Thanks to it’s dual-axis capability, this unique and patented concept delivers better performance in all areas of operation when compared to traditional single axis fins. Advanced design and superior engineering allow the fins to be retracted or partially folded back against the hull thus making it suitable for design into sailboat applications.

Enhanced Performance

Better results are at the heart of DMS Holland’s focus.

AntiRoll uses a smart hybrid drive, this means the system requires relatively little power and keeps the noise of the system during operation to a minimum. Model drag tests and expert evaluation have confirmed that the AntiRoll system delivers enhanced performance in both stabilisation and lower resistance through the water. The lifting capacity at zero speed is therefore two to three times greater than with conventional systems and underway AntiRoll has up to 75% less resistance though the water.

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